Hitman Video Game

Hitman is a fantastic video game that is offered from IO Interactive and it is available on many consoles such as Playstation 2, Playstation3, Xbox, Xbox 360, GameCube. It can also be played on Microsoft Windows. The game is based around Agent 47 who is a cloned hitman. His skill placed him amongst the elite and makes him one of the most sought after.

In the first version of the game Agent 47 escapes imprisonment form a sanitarium with some guidance. After some time he begins working with the ICA and has a handler who is Diana Burnwood. After being sent on various missions he is given the task of taking out the doctor at the sanitarium from which he once escaped. During this mission it is discovered that the jobs were part of a cloning experiment which resulted in his own creation; the perfect assassin.

At the completion of the sanitarium doctor job Agent 47 tries to change his life and leave his cold-blooded past in the past. He tries to change his life seeking solitude in a monastery, but once again finds himself back to his old ways when a dear friend is kidnapped. This event leads him back to the ICA where he works out a deal that will lead to him finding his friend. This eventually leads to a whole other conspiracy which revolves around the experiment once again. All of the events cause Agent 47 to work with the ICA again on a full time basis.

In a few years of time Agent 47 becomes well known and he gets quite the reputation for himself. He becomes one of the most sought after assassins and the ICA finds itself the target of another agency which is referred to as the Franchise. The Franchise is working to frame Agent 47 and the plot of the game gets very thick and things get crazy. Eventually, Diana Burnwood and Agent 47 are the only ones left. Agent 47 almost gets killed in Pairs which sets him off having flashbacks of the things he has done in his life.

After a series of other events it appears as if Agent 47 has been killed. However, it is later realized that Agent 47’s death was not real, but was a tactic which was used to get people in the killing range of Agent 47 at his funeral. At this point Agent 47 goes deep underground in hiding. Diana Burnwood then works to put the ICA back together by using the remnants of the Franchise.

Years down the road Diana exposes the secrets of the ICA and this leaves her going out of touch with Agent 47. This leads to him nearly getting killed and at this point he himself chooses to stop contact with the ICA. He does get located by them eventually and order him to take out Diana and return a girl she has in her care. Agent 47 finds Diana and wounds her, but leaves her alive. He promises that he will protect the girl from the ICA. This girl is revealed to be another like Agent 47 and the ICA intends to train her to be an assassin as well.

This game is loaded with action and adventure. It has a very detailed and strong storyline that pulls players in and keeps them looking forward to the next time they can play it. In fact, this video game has such a great plot to it that it was even turned into a film which has captures the attention of many and proven to be very exciting and entertaining.


Craps is one of the major casino games around which is played at both offline and online casinos by players with best interests in mind. Unlike slot games or video poker games, the game seems to be a little complex and so some players are often intimidated to learn and play it as well. Even then, it is best favored at parties, grills and sometimes even in the nook of a lane. The biggest advantage with this game is that you only need dice with accompaniment of handful people or friends and that is all to start the luck-based game of craps.

If you are new to this game, you can learn the game by taking hint of the gaming lessons offered at many real casinos and online casinos as well. This they do to excite a heavy traffic of players from all round the world. Craps is such a weird game that it requires huge betting and yet you can expect best sum of money, so the environment in craps games and the craps table is filled with roistering spectators, every one being avid to see who will be the winner.

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Tips For Creating Powerful Explainer Videos

Every business creates or can create explainer video, however, there are few who manage to create an explainer video that is strong in such a way that it achieves all sorts of business objectives. It is recommended that a business must aim at creating a powerful explainer video to reap the maximum benefits.
There are certain traits of explainer videos that make them different from ordinary videos, hence, enabling them to achieve better and greater results. The lines below give some tips for creating powerful explainer videos.

Write a Strong Script

The script holds the make or break value for an explainer video. The better your script, the more powerful will be the message in the video and it will result in greater outreach. Therefore, before anything make sure that you have a strong script that can serve as the backbone of a powerful explainer video.

Quality Animations

If you are planning to order an animated explainer video production, then the quality of animation is another factor that can make or break the power of the video. Pertaining to animation you must make sure that attention to detail is given to each and every aspect of the video. Quality animation can supplement a good script and give power to the explainer video.

Background Score

Another crucial element to the power of explainer video is the background score. Music has a great impact on the audience and different kinds of music can instigate different kinds of sentiments in the audience. Therefore, use the appropriate music that resonates with the aesthetics and script of your video.
In short, a powerful explainer video is a combination of a strong script, a high level and detailed animation and an appropriate background score. These three elements combine to give a video that is stronger in terms of its appeal and effectiveness.

Top 3 Sites for Free Casino Games

Many people today are on the lookout for sites that offer free casino games. The online casino industry is booming right now. Even though online casinos that play for real money are probably more popular, the free online casinos are definitely right behind them. A lot of people just enjoy playing the games for fun with no commitment of playing with real money. People also enjoy playing on them just to pass some time. Whatever the reason may be, there are tons of different options that are out there. Here are the top 3 sites that offer free casino games that seem to be the most popular.

Casino Lemonade

Casino Lemonade is a great site to find free casino games at. At first glance the site is very inviting and easy to navigate. They have a very classic look about them and it has a wonderful feel to it. There are many different games to choose from including casino classics like Blackjack, poker, Roulette and many more. They also have several different games that are available that are very similar to the original games but they have changed it just a bit to make things more fun and add a new twist to it. Not only to they have a great games selection but they also have a section of other online casinos that are great to play at. You are sure to find something that you like at this casino site.


At this website there is a list of playtech casinos and definitely something for everyone. This site is also an actual casino and they have recently come out with a site to play all of the same games that their casino offers for free. There are over 100 different favorite casino games to choose from. The selection includes many different Blackjack and Roulette games as well as poker and other classic casino games. Once you have registered your account with them you are rewarded with credits to get you started to play all of your favorite games. No matter what kind of playing style you may have you are guaranteed to find something that will be great for you and that you will enjoy.


Totalrewards.com is a casino site that offers many different free casino games just like you would find in actual casinos like in Las Vegas. There is hours of fun to be had at this online casino site. They have many different games to choose from and a lot of them are based off of the same games you will find in many popular casinos. You can play the games to unlock bonus rounds which provide even more fun. They also have an option for video poker so you can practice and improve your skills to get ready to play in their actual casinos. No matter if you are a slots lover or if you enjoy table games more there is something for every type of player. Totalrewards.com provides an overall great experience for their players.


In popular card games such as blackjack, there will be a select group of personalities, who by their own efforts have redefined and shaped the future of this card game. These are people who left their indelible mark in the game of blackjack not only in the amount of cash prizes that they have won but also at how they were able to inspire and influence other blackjack players.

In recognition for their enormous contribution and extraordinary talent, the select few are now inducted in the Blackjack Hall of Fame. Included in this list of topnotch players of blackjack are individuals who have significantly contributed to the success and popularity of the card game not only among gaming aficionados and casino regulars but among those who do not know how to play the card game as well. Their life story and highlights of their career should be part of our learning process if we truly want to become a successful blackjack player.

Edward O. Thorp

Edward O. ThorpThe story about blackjack is never complete without Edward O. Thorp. Thorp, a mathematics professor at MIT, introduced the concept of using mathematical permutations and statistical probabilities in the game of blackjack. He is the brains behind the popular concepts and strategies like card counting and blackjack odds. He personally tested and used his theories and wrote and published what could be considered as one of the most popular books about gambling of all time – Beat the Dealer.

Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin, a mathematician by profession, tried to continue from where Edward O. Thorp has left off and developed a more complete and improved blackjack strategy. This improved blackjack version can be applied to any set of blackjack rules and number of decks. While most card game experts focused on the use of blackjack strategies, other personalities like Griffin concentrated on theories to improve the chances of winning a card game. He has written and published 2 famous books and several technical papers for mathematical publications and journals. Most of his works focused on the analysis and application of theories on the blackjack table. These theories developed by Griffin are still used by blackjack players to this day.

Ken Uston

Ken Uston is another inductee to the Blackjack Hall of Fame who is recognized not only for his successful stint on the blackjack table but also of his popular teams and books on blackjack strategies. Uston can be considered as one of those select few personalities in gaming circles who have built a solid reputation of being a professional and intelligent blackjack player. A graduate of an Ivy League School, Uston was also one of the more prominent Big Players of the Blackjack team of Al Francesco. Read more here

Stanford Wong

Another prominent name in the list of Inductees to the Blackjack Hall of Fame is Stanford Wong. He is known for developing a detailed description of a highly popular blackjack method and strategy that is specifically designed for blackjack games that consists of 4 decks.

Wong was born as John Ferguson in 1943. He is the author of the popular book on blackjack entitled “Professional Blackjack.” He started to dabble with card games while he was still at Stanford University. He gave up his flourishing career in the academy to concentrate on what he loved most – becoming a respected and successful card player. His most important contribution is the card counting system known as “Wonging” or back-counting.

Arnold Snyder

Arnold Snyder is one of the most respected experts in the casino gaming industry and is recognized as one of the top ranking players when it comes to blackjack. He is credited for quite a number of books on blackjack, making him not only an accomplished blackjack player but also a major contributor in the evolution and development of this popular casino card game. He is also the editor of the Blackjack Forum, a quarterly blackjack journal which has been in circulation since 1981.

Considered as one of the more prolific authors in the original list of inductees to the Blackjack Hall of Fame, Snyder has authored and published popular books like Big Book of Blackjack, Blackbelt in Blackjack, Blackjack Formula and Blackjack Wisdom.

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